Hi! I’m Jessica, a 6’1″ hairstylist and makeup artist living in Scottsdale, Arizona. With nearly 10 years in the beauty industry I specialize in bridal styling, lived in color and Natural Beaded Rows Extensions.  I’m also a wife and mommy of two! I love my family, hair and style…in that order and I live on coffee, green juice and wine…in that order.  I love keeping up with the latest trends and like a lot of working moms, I’m on a budget! Knowing when to splurge and when to save is what keeps me and my family styled from head to toe without breaking the bank.

Finding everyday balance as a wife, mother, stylist and small business owner can be difficult but I’m always trying.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail but, I always learn something in the process! I’m passionate about my crafts and I’ll share my experiences with you all here!

Join me each week for great hair, beauty, affordable style and personal/professional balance tips!